Elegant and vital, Como is the city of silk, famous for the production of fine fabrics that have traveled around the world and still a reference point for important fashion brands.

Museums,  monuments, parks and villas make it really special. The historic center and the lakeside promenade allow you to discover the essence of the city of Como, between history, culture and architecture, between the Gothic Cathedral, Porta Romana, the lighthouse Brunate, the Temple Voltiano, ...

Como surprises above all for the extraordinary natural scenery it offers; nature is one of the most fascinating attractions of the area: lush forests, massive and imposing rocks, the beauty of the Alpine chain visible from the Lake Center, the parks of the beautiful villas dotting the coast - an intoxicating scenery. 


Como and its lake host several prestigious events, some of which are internationally renowned such as the Concorso di eleganza, Orticolario, the Giro di Lombardia, the Noir in Festival, the Festival della Luce and the CSAV Artists Research Laboratory.


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