A over 100 years old funicular connects the Upper Town that encloses the historic village in perfectly preserved hills, with the Lower Town. From the 5 km of Mura Venete, UNESCO heritage, you can enjoy extraordinary views and enchanting architecture: ancient treasures that embrace Piazza Duomo, the Museums of Piazza della Cittadella that offer an exciting journey between science and art, the ancient Rocca and the extraordinary Piazza Vecchia, the heart of the city - which the great architect and urban planner Le Corbusier considered one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Bergamo boasts one of the oldest Italian libraries, the oldest town hall of Italy, or the Palace of the Region of Bergamo and one of the highest Civic Towers in Europe, the "Campanone" as it is called, with its 53 meters high. Under the monumental Venetian Walls, protagonists of the unmistakable skyline of the city, Bergamo on the floor is equally and surprisingly rich in attractions in the first place the nineteenth-century Porta Nuova and the Pinacoteca dell'Accademia Carrara. Between waterfalls of Serio and walks between villas and palaces to meet the masters of the Renaissance, certainly not you can get bored!


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